It has been awhile

By cbovard, 9 May, 2011

My writing is not so good as I have been neglecting my Blog for some time. Coming up over the next few weeks I will be focusing more on my "Professional Development". I should be writing more blogs about Web Development (HTML5, CSS3, Drupal fun), over the next few months.
The winter has been a fun one. I moved to Canmore, Alberta last year in Nov. I spent alot of time between Jasper, Banff, and Canmore (with a small bit of Calgary in there too) over the winter. Between ice climbing and skiing it has been a busy winter.
I have done some small things over the winter to keep my skills sharp. Fox Spring Farm - was a fun web project to work on. The designer got exactly what the client wanted on the 2nd round of Design iterations. I used alot of HTML5 within a Drupal 6 build to achieve this.
I am currently building a custom module for Drupal 7 and the API for Drupal 7 seems way easier to work with along with all the example code.

Well that has been a small rundown of what has been going on.